Do you need AS/400 or iSeries training?

“How To Go From Complete Novice To Seasoned AS/400 And iSeries Pro In A Few Short Hours...”

If You Need To Get Up To Speed Fast On An AS/400 And iSeries, Then This Is Your One-Way Ticket.

Dear IT Professional,

Are you tired of wading through pages of boring technical manuals and navigating the tangled weave of web sites looking for information about your AS/400 or iSeries system?

Just face it, trying to find practical information and clear concise training materials on how to use your AS/400 or iSeries can be really challenging. These systems are just not simple or easy to learn without help.

What are you to do?

Why Not Let A Pro Show You How…

Instructor led training courses are a great way to learn how to use and operate an AS/400 or iSeries system... but they also cost thousands of dollars and usually require you to travel to a remote destination taking up your valuable time.

Wouldn't it be easier to have step by step instructional materials and clear concise videos created by an AS/400 professional that you can watch on your computer. Wouldn't it also be easier to learn at your own pace?

Introducing The Ultimate 400 Course

No more technical manuals, no more trying to keep up in fast paced classes crammed into a few short days. The Ultimate 400 Course is a complete step by step training system showing you in easy to follow videos how to use, operate and administer your AS/400, iSeries or i5 system.

The Ultimate 400 Course is a one of a kind video based training course designed to have you up and running quickly by showing you the most essential items and eliminating all the fluff and useless information... while also providing you time proven and tested tricks and techniques.

Here's What You'll Receive…

This jam packed course has everything you need to get started... with expert advice and information such as:

  • Master essential operations and administration functions of your AS/400, iSeries or i5 system.
  • Discover the most used commands that you need to know to handle 90% of administration duties.
  • What the Operations Navigator graphical user interface tool is and how to simplify almost any task with it.
  • How to work with user profiles, enabling accounts and change passwords.
  • Turn on your system and run through the Initial Program Load.
  • How to perform backups including save and restore operations.
  • Shortcuts and tools for managing objects, files, libraries and programs quickly without a lot of hassle.
  • Control how, when and where jobs run on the AS/400... even how to give them more processing power so they will run faster.
  • Understand basic work management features and system resources monitoring.
  • Where to look for critical system messages to make sure everything is running in top shape.
  • Control printer output, maintain printer devices, remote writers and output queues.
  • What to do when disaster strikes... Where to get help when something goes wrong.

Just Follow Along With The CDs

The beauty of it all is you don't have to read long boring manuals or listen to audio's trying to understand exactly what you do. You get to follow along with clear, concise videos that show you every step to take from logging in to administering your AS/400 or iSeries.

It's exactly like having an instructor stand right over your shoulder giving you detailed one on one personal attention... without having to pay for the instructors expensive fee.

Similar AS/400 training courses cost $3,505 plus travel expenses, airline tickets, hotel fees and meals. With our course you will save thousands of dollars and eliminate all the hassles of traveling.

You get 5 CDs of step by step training videos, a 10 page Quick Start Guide, and 128 page manual of transcripts: 

The introductory price of ALL 5 CDs, the Quick Start Guide and transcripts is only $300. Pay once and you own them forever. And they'll be shipped out to you immediately. Plus, you receive a...

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Ultimate 400 Course comes complete with an unconditional 100% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied simply return the course and receive a full refund including shipping.

No questions asked, and no hassles... you can return the course at any time for any reason for a refund.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Order Now And Receive The Following Bonuses

If you act now you will also receive these limited time bonus CDs for simply trying the Ultimate 400 Course:

Bonus CD #1: Easy Data Extraction 1 hour 18 minutes - Learn simple methods for importing your AS/400, iSeries and i5 data and reports to Excel spreadsheets using the software tools you already have.

Bonus CD #2: Navigator Jump Start 2 hours 27 minutes - Discover the basics of the point and click Operations Navigator graphical user interface tool for administering your AS/400 or iSeries.

Even if you decide to return the course for a full refund you can keep the bonus CDs as out gift to you just for trying the Ultimate 400 Course.

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If you act right now you will get the Ultimate 400 Course with step by step training materials made by an AS/400 professional with 9 years experience. You will also get the bonus CDs.  

You will be covered by our iron clad, no questions asked Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee refund that includes shipping. So go ahead and click on the order link below.

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Power System Jump Start Course


PS Remember you get the full money back guarantee, including shipping and the bonus CDs absolutely free just for trying the Ultimate 400 Course.



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