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October 3rd, 2014 by John Andersen

Dear IBM i Pro,

First of all, thanks for taking the time out to read my blog posts and emails … I really appreciate it.

Your comments, emails, and feedback mean the world to me.

Some of you know this already … but unlike A LOT of people in business, if you send in a support question I personally read and answer it.

By the way … don’t you just hate it when you want support from a business, and you get some clown that can’t help at all. I think that’s a major problem with high-tech companies these days.

If some of these “businessmen” took the time to at least read support questions, they’d gain invaluable insight into what’s really going on with their customers.

Anyway, onward to today’s message.

I’ve been thinking about what IBM i materials to release next. And frankly, I have a few ideas…

And I’ve been getting emails from people desperate for programming information. But, so far I’ve had to refer them to the book I learned from.

The problem is, I really can’t decide what to do.

So I want to know what YOU want from me … how can I help YOU … how can I help make YOUR life easier ?

So let’s do a little survey. Here’s some options I’ve thought of:

  • How to write CL programs
  • How to write RPG IV programs
  • Using IBM DB2 Web Query for i
  • Writing embedded SQL in RPG IV programs
  • AS/400 and IBM i “Marketplace” with equipment and job postings
  • IBM i Basic User training for your end users
  • Something else (tell me what the something else).

Now here’s the deal. You HAVE to leave a comment below … if I don’t get enough people to respond, then I’ll have to assume there’s just not any demand for more IBM i materials and information.

So please don’t delay.

I’ll leave the comments open over the weekend, if you don’t respond now you’ll be left out.

Leave me a comment RIGHT NOW (don’t think you’ll get back to it later because you’ll probably forget) … and don’t do anything else until you’ve left me a comment.

My Best,

-John Andersen

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  • Yes! More programming tutorials! I run across a LOT of AS/400 shops
    that are still on the old green-screen for programming and operations,
    because it’s fast, there’s no mouse to mess with, and it’s all menu-driven.
    Tutorials on how to design screens, how to do add/change/delete/inquiry
    with RPG, how to capture and handle error messages in code – in short,
    a lot of the day-to-day stuff that programmers have to deal with, day
    after day. I ran across a code gen site for RPG:

  • I would be interested in see information on writing cl programs.
    Basic user training would also be of interest.

  • Hi John,

    I’ve only recently registered to access your tutorials and other goodies. I love video tutorials as it’s a convenient ways to learn new stuff not to mention the savings on hotels and travel expenses.
    Personally I’d like to get some tutorials on setting up the server(s) on my IBM i for web services. Perhaps these are already in existance but I haven’t discovered them as yet. Remember I’ve only just registered. So with your regular email notifcations I’ll become a regular visitor. Presenting data from the IBM i in a browser seem to be a BIG thing currently.
    What do you say?

    Regards from across the “pond”,


  • I honestly believe that iSeries is considered by IBM as a dead-end, so nothing really new will be announced in the future. we are all agree that iSeries is the most powerful box for high cost/benefit ratio but our area of influence about the product is sometimes minimal. However, there is a situation that won’t go so fast and it is the interconnection of iSeries with other platforms, since in the majority of big corporations, financial and manufacturing data remains there but it is needed out-of-the-box and there is where everything fails miserably. I respect to those who don’t want to cross-over the midrange-network environment but they will need interconnections anyway. So, my best approach is to recommend that (interfaces with ODBC, OLEdb, .NET, BOJB, etc.), regardless of what it needs to be improved in SQL RPG IV programming or similar.

  • I have my own multifold problem. I work at a mortgage company, but ‘in the business’, not in any IT function. I’ve never programmed, but I also see the need and my interest in learning is not yet fully cemented. Another aspect, I’m also old and don’t know that I want to take on that level of challenge when I retire here. So I’m in the circumstance where I don’t know even what I don’t know. So my interest, fully formed, will be in beginning from the ground up and incorporating all of the ‘new’ things that have added speed and accuracy to deveopment & understanding. I have not yet even gone through the things you make available for free even. Time is a juggle for everything.

  • In Order of Interest:
    RPG IV Programming
    How to write CL programs
    Writing embedded SQL in RPG IV programs

  • How to write RPG IV programs
    IBM i Basic User training for your end users

  • Thank you all for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it … for those of you who have left a comment you get a free copy of any course, or a free copy of my next product released.

    Let me know what you’d like.