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Inside the Mailbag: Query Manager

Dear IT Pro, Recently I received an email from a reader… they didn’t quite see the value of using Query Manager vs. Query/400. I answered him via email but I also wanted to expand a little on my reply. In some ways I agree, Query/400 is quick and easy. Believe it or not I still […]

Making Use Of SQL Views

Dear IT Pro, Views are a really fantastic feature of SQL. On the IBM i a view is implemented as a logical file that does not have a key… this means the system does not have to maintain an access path or incur overhead with a view. If you can put together a simple select […]

A Tale Of Two Engines

Back in the days of old, when the IBM i predecessor platform was created, it came with a database. But at the time it was created SQL wasn’t the mainstay it is today for defining and working with database systems. So IBM developed a way to define files on the system thus the creation of […]